Where Do Bed Bugs Live

26 Sep

Where Do Bed Bugs Live

Bed Bugs in Mattress

Bed Bugs are bugs that live in and around beds, most commonly they are found under beds, in mattresses, skirting boards, bed frames and cracked plaster. They can be found almost anywhere in your house or other buildings. They are also found in fabric and wood, not metal and plastic.

Places to look include:

• In mattresses and box springs (especially in the seams or creases)

• In bed frames and headboards

• Along and under the edge of carpet (behind beds and furniture)

• In hardwood fl oors (check corners or cracks)

• In moulding and baseboard cracks

• Behind picture frames and wall hangings

• In switch plates and outlets

• Under loose wallpaper and paneling

• In clothing stored in closets and drawers

• Inside clocks, phones, TVs and smoke detectors

• In cloth chairs and sofas (check seams, skirts, and under cushions

Bed Bugs feed on blood from both humans and animals, but can go without feeding for over a year. The live in dark areas and are attracted to body warmth and carbon dioxide.

Bed Bugs often leave bites on your skin that can be very itchy and irritable, however on occasion people don’t even realise they have been bitten as different people react in different ways.

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