Where Do Bed Bugs Come From

Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

Statistics and pest control authorities in the United States claim that bed bugs ceased to exist after the World War II in the 1940s. Before the World War, cases of bed bugs were so out of control, but people’s cooperation and breakthroughs in controlling pests helped restrain bed bug infestation post war.

So people might be asking, if the bed bugs did not exist in the country during that time, where do our modern bed bugs come from? It is good and logical question. Theories have it that modern-day bed bugs might have come from Asia, Africa or Europe. But, American bugs are usually pale compared to counterparts in Africa, where bed bugs are usually colored deep brown.

And there is a question, if bed bugs can only crawl, they are tiny and with only one-year lifespan, how did they cross borders?

It is because bed bugs can thrive in furniture, clothes and baggage, so many believed that American travelers during the time have contributed to the current spread of the pests.

Several travelers might have traveled to one country and stayed in a hotel that was unknowingly infested with bed bugs. The bed bugs might have figured out ways to get inside the luggage and voila! They have traveled across borders!

When the unsuspecting traveler unpacked his or her baggage, that is the time the bed bugs might have come out and spread out.

Bed bug infestation originates from various sources, mainly from the furniture in hotels, motels and other lodging places. In fact, increasing the spread of bed bugs believed to be associated with an increased number of people traveling. Bed bugs carried in on clothing and luggage of tourists. Moreover, the clothes are in a bag or suitcase.

Once bed bugs get into a building, they will spread throughout it. If the building have several apartment blocks, the bed bugs also will spread throughout all of the apartment. This occurs through the medium of common areas, and through the holes and crevices in walls, including pipes.

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