What are Bed Bugs

07 Oct

What are Bed Bugs?


What are Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are simply insects. But like all the millions of other insect species, bed bugs have their own identity. They would not be left behind in the identity department.

Start from the scientific view. Bed bugs are scientifically labeled Cimex lectularius. They belong to the ever wide and diverse kingdom, or phylum as what can be more appropriate, called Insecta.

How do they look like?

When viewed from the top, bed bugs look like flattened creatures. They are so tiny, that one can hardly see and look at them, not unless they are aided by magnifying glasses or lenses.

Bed bugs usually appear like tiny deep brown creatures. In other parts of the globe, like in Europe, bed bugs may appear differently, may adopt white to creamy white color.

When they are fed, or just came from a meal, bed bugs look like tiny bloated creatures with black or deep red little mass in their stomach area.

That is because bed bugs principally feed on human blood. Blood is the reason they live. Otherwise, they would surely not survive.

How they feed?

Bed bugs have tiny beaks, similar and smaller to that owned by mosquitoes. They use these beaks to stab through the skin of their host. After that, when they have stabbed some skin, they start sipping and sucking some blood.

Because bed bugs are so tiny, they can hardly suck about a fourth of a milliliter from you. That means the blood you will lose when bitten by a bed bus will be so negligible, you would not care at all.

Another good thing, bed bugs are proven not to carry or transmit any disease unlike their relatives, like the mosquito.

Bed bugs’ bites may leave small red marks that may swell after a few hours. The bitten area would also tend to itch a lot, leaving a feeling of discomfort to the victim.

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