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Pest Control Services

18 Jan

Pest Control Services at Local Councils

Pest Cotrol Services

If you need to exterminate of familiar pests in your home, like rats and bedbugs, your local council perhaps will help you. Learn which pest control services your council provides and get tips on preventing an infestation.

In general, councils will help you to exterminate some or all of the following pests: rats, mice, wasps, fleas, cockroaches, bedbugs, carpet beetles, pigeons, ants. There’s often a small charge for using your council’s pest control services. You may contact your council’s environmental health department for advice and to report pests.

Local councils have a responsibility under the Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949 for the control of rodents their areas. They also have authority to ensure people take all necessary steps to deal with pests in their property.

Mice and rats are two of the most common pests in the home. They are normally active at night and you might not see them during the day. Mice and rats can carry a wide range of diseases. These can be passed on to humans by contaminating food or surfaces with urine, droppings and hairs. Rats, in particular, can pass on Leptospirosis, a disease that can lead to Weil’s disease and can be fatal to humans.

Rats can also cause structural damage to property. They can gnaw a range of materials, including electric cables and wiring, which could cause fire or electrocution.

If you find bedbugs in your home, you should immediately contact your local council’s pest control service or a private pest controller. Trying to get rid of them yourself is unlikely to work. For information and advice, see the NHS Choices website.*

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