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11 Oct

The Bedbugs Dilemma


Bed Bugs in Mattress

There are parasites life hides under everyone’s mattress. Bedbugs are one of the most common insects in America. With increase of immigrant and travelers from different places, bedbugs thrive in hotels, restaurants, shelters, homes, apartments and motels.

What are bed bugs? These are tiny, brown, flattened insects that feed on an animal’s blood. There are certain types of bed bugs that have a preference for humans. The common one, classified as Cimex lectularius, found in our homes is the insect adapted to living with humans.

Bedbugs can be mistaken for ticks in their adult stage. What makes them a pest is that bedbugs are very resilient. This means these parasites can lie dormant, just waiting for an unsuspecting victim to arrive.

Bed bugs are great hiders and usually come out to feed on a blood meal in the middle of the night.

Symptoms of being bitten by bedbugs are different from one person to another. There are people who have no reaction to bites from these bedbugs. Some experience an itchy, swelling bump on the skin where the bed bug had their fill. Others have leave inflamed welt marks on their victims.

Bedbugs feed on their hosts by piercing the human skin with long beak, which they use to suck the blood. The extent of their damage to their hosts is limited to itchiness and swelling from their bites.

The real problem on bedbugs is infestation. Female bedbugs place their eggs in very secluded areas like the folds in the mattress, and deposits eggs of up to five a day.

How do you know if your bed is infested with bed bugs? Answer three simple questions to find out:

· Do you wake up to find an itchy and swelling welt on your neck, face, arms, shoulders, etc when you had none before sleeping?

· Does your mattress have dark stains and spotting?

· Do you wake up to see small reddish brown spots on the sheets, pillowcases or walls?

If you answered, “yes” to two out of three questions above, then it is likely that you are lying in a mattress full of bed bugs.

Bed bugs can live in wait for a long period of time so even if you try to wash it, they may resurface. Eliminating and entire home for bed bugs can be tedious.

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