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Bed Bug Infestation

25 Feb

Bed Bug Infestation

The real problem on bed bugs is infestation. They can produce three generations in a year. Female bed bugs place their eggs in very secluded areas like the folds in the mattress, and deposits eggs of up to five a day. Because of this their numbers continue to grow without the human’s knowledge. Soon they spread around the house and an infestation occurs. These infestations can cause anxiety and loss of sleep.

How do you know if your bed is infested with bed bugs? Answer three simple questions to find out:

• Do you wake up to find an itchy and swelling welt on your neck, face, arms, shoulders, etc when you had none before sleeping?
• Does your mattress have dark stains and spotting?
• Do you wake up to see small reddish brown spots on the sheets, pillowcases or walls?

If you answered, “yes” to two out of three questions above, then it is likely that you are lying in a mattress full of bed bugs.

The best way to get rid of them is to throw away your mattress. Bed bugs can live in wait for a long period of time so even if you try to wash it, they may resurface. Using pesticides on the bed can be dangerous for the owner. So only a new mattress is the solution.

Eliminating and entire home for bed bugs can be tedious. So if you can afford it, make sure you get your home pre-treated against these parasites. And since these insects also live in carpets and sofas, the best defense is prevention.*

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Bed Bug Rash

31 Jan

Bed Bug Rash

There is a 90% chance that a famous hotel may have bed bugs. Your favorite hotel may even have bed bugs infestation too without you knowing about it. And, if your hotel has bed bugs, what should you do so that your home won’t be infested when you get home?

Here are the common signs and symptoms of bed bugs infestation:

The first sign is itch. Bed bug rash starts with an itch but the rash won’t be visible yet when you feel the itch.

Bed bug bites are more itchy than mosquito bites. With mosquito bites you will feel its sting and sucking of blood while it is up to it. But with bed bugs, the itch will only be felt an hour after the skin has been bitten.  This is because of the anesthetics in bed bug’s saliva. Bed bugs inject anesthetics and anticoagulant, to avoid blood clotting, before it will suck blood from your skin.

Bed bug rash will appear an hour after you were pierced.  But to some people, the bed bug rash appear only after some days or week from being bitten. This depends upon the body’s reaction to chemicals being secreted by bed bugs.

How does a bed bug rash look like? Bed bug rash starts with a single, small, red (from being inflamed) round, bump which look more swollen than mosquito rash. Bed bug rash when it becomes visible, may just be a single, swollen bump. Days after, the bed bug rash will multiply. This only means that the other bed bugs are biting you. But for some people, bed bug rash look like an in-line bite marks. This kind of bed bug rash is seen on people who move a lot when asleep. Bed bugs return fast to their hiding place once they have noticed any movement around them.

When you have a rash that you suspect as a bed bug rash, observe it for some days. Bed bug rash are itchy even after days that the bed bug rash appears.  Also, bed bug rash does not heal as fast as mosquito bite marks. It stays swollen for weeks.

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Bed Bug Infestation Map

08 Oct

Bed Bug Infestation Map, New York is the Largest

Bed Bug Infestaion Map in US Cities

If you are planning a trip, prepare yourself to watch out for bed bugs infestation widely spread in various U.S. regions. There’s a good idea to note the bed bug infestation map in U.S., which will help you find the cities most severely infected bed bug infestation.

The above bed bug infestation map shows the spread of bed bugs pest that is almost throughout the United States. But the concentration or largest colony of bed bugs is in the east coast of America, especially New York.

Not long ago, pest-control giant Terminix released has released reports which showed that New York for the second year in a row is a city that most reported of bed bugs cases. But the actual report was not surprising because New York is a densely populated metropolis with well-publicized infestations everywhere from apartment buildings to businesses such as department stores, magazine offices, and even Lincoln Center.

Terminix reported an increase in bed bug infestations in most states during the past year (2010), partly because clients are more aware and on the lookout for the small insect.

The company’s list of most bed bug-plagued cities, based on customer complaints validated by Terminix and infestations discovered during pest calls:

1. New York
2. Cincinnati
3. Detroit
4. Chicago
5. Philadelphia
6. Denver
7. Washington, D.C.
8. Los Angeles
9. Boston
10. San Francisco
11. Columbus, Ohio
12. Dayton, Ohio
13. Baltimore
14. Louisville, Ky.
15. Dallas

This is the second year Terminix has put out a list. Baltimore, Dallas and San Francisco appear on it for the first time this year, replacing Indianapolis, Cleveland and Minneapolis.

Bed bugs have always been around, especially since strong chemicals such as DDT were banned But today people are more aware and communicating about the issue. But, the hotels are still reluctant to let customers know about infestations, because that would prevent potential customers. So it can be very difficult to gather accurate information on the extent of bed bug infestation.

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