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Bed Bug Extermination Cost

01 Dec

Bed Bug Extermination Cost

Killing bed bugs is just as difficult as capture or search for them. Bed bugs appear from their hiding locations in the night. They lean to hide from view during the daytime, which makes them even harder to kill. For these reasons the average bed bug extermination cost is amount $250 to $900 per room.

But it is standard for the typical afflicted family to spend $5,000 or more on inspections, exterminator fees, cleaning and storage. Even for large apartment buildings, the bed bugs extermination cost reaches $80,000.

This small-sized insects are hard to detect and even harder to kill. The most successful efforts include a mixture of a careful cleaning and sorting, along with repeated professional applications of pesticides and other bed bug treatments.

However, strong demand on bed bugs extermination has been exploited by some of the bogus exterminators that make many consumers spend money with no results. Even the reputable pest exterminator always offers a range of services with varying costs, which often makes it difficult for consumers to determine their choice, so sometimes they choose only the most complete and that means the most expensive.

If you believe there are bed bugs in your home, you’ll maybe need a visual inspection from an exterminator to make sure. Many pest control companies do this free, hoping that if you have the bugs, you will hire them to do removal. But other companies may charge $50 to $200 to do a visual inspection.

Some companies use specially trained dogs that can sniff out bed bugs and their eggs. Well-trained dogs can be wonderfully precise, make you know exactly where the bugs are so you can focus your efforts in those areas. But the dogs’ services are expensive. You have to pay $300 to $600 for a home inspection.

The bed bug extermination cost depending on the level of infestation and the types of treatments used. Some companies may charge by the bed if there are multiple people sleeping in the same room. Most exterminators use a combination of pesticides and steam heat.  Many experts said, exposure to high temperatures is believed to be the only convinced way to kill bed bugs.

But, whatever an exterminator uses, it must directly contact a bed bug to kill it. Pesticides have no residual effect on bed bugs. That’s why you or your exterminator should never use bug bombs or foggers, which are completely ineffective with bed bugs.

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Bed Bug Extermination

27 Sep

How The War On Exterminating Bed Bugs


Bed Bug Extermination

Bed bugs hide in the cracks of furniture, in the mattresses, throw pillow, beneath the sofa and everywhere else you can think of. This is why exterminating of bed bugs is tedious work. All the possible places for the bed bugs to live in are searched and turned over before beginning the actual process of exterminating of bed bugs. This is to ensure that there will be no more bed bugs left once the treatment is complete.

It is wise not to do the exterminating of bed bugs on your own. The clothes, bed sheets, line, pillowcases, blankets and the like must be washed before the treatment begins.

Seal any gaps in the furniture, floorboards and cracks where the bed bugs can hide.

After that, step side and let the professionals start the exterminating of bed bugs in your home.

The process of bed bug extermination continues with the application of insecticide spray on the furniture.  A professional does the exterminating of bed bugs with the proper protective gear.

Exterminating of bed bugs infestation is tedious work and requires a lot of patience.  By making sure that all the areas have been sprayed properly, the exterminating of bed bugs will be more effective.

After the exterminating of bed bugs through spraying of insecticides, the next process is to use insecticide dust. This dusting is very important in exterminating of bed bugs because this is what kills the bed bugs. The insecticide dust reaches for those areas that have the spray has left behind.

The entire process of bed bug extermination can last three days to weeks, depending on the infestation. Normally, the exterminating of bed bugs was quicker with the houses being sprayed with DDT. But now the process is more targeted, meaning slower but thorough.

This doesn’t mean that the new procedure for exterminating of bed bugs is less effective.

Homes are not the only ones fighting for the exterminating of bed bugs. Hotels, vintage shops, motels, dormitories and apartments all have a war with exterminating of bed bugs. Maintaining proper hygiene on these properties can great reduce the bed bug infestation.

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Bed Bug Exterminator

22 Sep

DDT, The Solution But Unlawful Bed Bug Exterminator


Bed Bug Exterminator

Bed bugs are tiny little creature that sucks blood off their human prey. Often dismissed as a nuisance, bed bugs are now a serious problem both at home, in the offices and luxury establishments

Why the infestation? There are two reasons for the increase in the number of bed bugs found in homes and other establishments recently. One of them is the increase in the number travelers and immigrants who stay in motels and unknowingly bring these insects along with them back home.

The second reason is the possibility that bed bugs have now become immune to the pesticides being used. It was in the 1940’s and 1950’s that the exterminating of bed bugs began. An insecticide called DDT was used and was highly effective as a bed bug exterminator.

However, the exterminating of bed bugs was discontinued when the DDT was banned in the 1960’s for it’s harmful effect to the environment. Since then the bugs have been waiting patiently to return to our homes.

Wholesale spraying of beds, walls, floors, furniture, etc. with DDT was the solution in exterminating bed bugs. However, law does not permit this kind of remedy anymore. Exterminating bed bugs now require the more thoroughness as bed bugs become cleverer.