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Bed Bug Bite

05 Oct

Bed Bug Bite

Bed Bugs Bite

Bed bugs are everywhere. It would seem your bed contains hundreds to thousands of bed bugs that crawl and creep into your body when you are asleep.

Bed bug are like insects equipped with intelligence. They actually are able to get smart. Bed bugs suck the blood of his victims, which of course are human, but sometimes pet animals such as fog, cats, birds and even bats.

In the past, bed bugs are most common among birds’ nests. But because just like the human species, bed bugs are growing and adapting to environmental changes, they have learned to crawl into people’s homes, especially beds and room surfaces.

Bed bugs take their luxurious meals by using their elongated beaks to stab through the skin of the victim. Then, they start the dinner and cruelly suck on blood until they can no longer take more.

What luck! While others find it difficult hard to find food, bed bugs are very easy to find it. They hold a feast of food every night and never out of supplies

Diseases from bed bugs

Doctors and medical practitioners guarantee, however, that bed bugs’ bite is not so dangerous. Mosquito bite is much more threatening because they can transfer serious ailments like malaria, dysentery, elephantiasis or h-fever.

For comparison, bed bugs bite do not cause many health risks. Bed bugs can be a host to a number of diseases but they are rarely sent to the victims of their bites.

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