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I am an internet marketer who have a big concern in health issues, including pests.  So I build this blog as a guide to help you to prevent and exterminating bedbugs.

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  1. Joo says:

    yes that they also had bugs when i found out what they were I spoke to landlord and told him. it took seravel days before they got some exterminator to give quoits for the building to be worked on during this time i was not able to stay in my apartment because the situation was to bad to live in so I rented a room for me n my partner n dogs to stay the night until i was able to figure or what we can do. we find a place to stay but the dogs where not allowed at the time so i had to put them in a boarding. I also had to remove my cloth and bag them n get them washed. All of this cost me and i had to use money that was going toward the rent. My question is would i be able to deduct it from the rent without the landlord going after me for it, due to these conditions?

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