Hotels With Bed Bugs

30 Oct

Hotels with Bed Bugs

Hotels with bed bugs are not uncommon. In fact, hotel and motels are the perfect place for hotel bed bugs transmission. Immigrants that had lived in a country and place with bed bugs infestation are suspected who brings back bed bugs in the US through their luggage.

Once hotel bed bugs infested a single room, these hotel bed bugs crawl on to the next room, create a new colony, and then crawl to another room, and then create another colony.

People have their wrong notion about hotel bed bugs; they thought that hotel bed bugs infest only those hotels and motels that are filthy. This is totally untrue. Hotel bed bugs do not dwell on a place because they are filthy (like cockroaches or rats) but because they are attracted to carbon monoxide (which humans exhale) and their human hosts from where hotel bed bugs withdraw blood from.

So, this means that even ritzy and posh hotels may have hotel bed bugs.

Hotel bed bugs are reddish brown, oval shaped, and are very flat which allow them to hide and lay eggs in tiny crevices. A small crack or hole can harbor hotel bed bugs.

Hotel bedbugs are nocturnal insects. They feed during the night and are generally more active an hour before dawn. Some hotel bed bugs feed during daytime, especially those who haven’t fed for a few months. An adult hotel bed bug may last eighteen (18) months without feeding. Their regular feeding cycle (when a host is present) is five to ten days.

If you want to check out the hotel for hotel bed bugs, go to places where a human being might stay, such as in bed, sofa, chairs, carpets, and furniture nearest to the bed. Check the crevices of these furniture including the mattress interiors and seams and bed frames.

The edge of a bed mattress and under it, are often the breeding ground of hotel bed bugs.

If you have seen one or two crawling hotel bed bugs, this is an indication that the infestation might be heavy. Hotel bed bugs are rarely seen. But the moment you see hotel bed bugs crawling near you, it means that there are many adult hotel bed bugs and they are fighting over a single host.

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