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Bed Bugs Treatment

24 Oct

Bed Bugs Treatment

Bed Bugs Treatment

If you plan for bed bugs treatment at home, you will have to develop a strategy that has been thoroughly and carefully planned.

Before contacting the local pest control operator in your area, be prepared to be asked to discard or throw several things or equipment in the room that may be a living ground or habitat for bed bugs.

Most of the time, bed bugs living inside beds can never be treated. That is because they are so tiny, they may creep to the tiniest opening or hole in beds. Pesticides treatment may almost always be futile in assuring the 100% of bed bugs treatment.

However, discarding beds and other things is not that simple. Bed bugs treatment in your home does not require or mean you will have to neglect protection of your neighbors and other people from the parasite.

Thus, disposal of things infested with bed bugs need some more attention. Sometimes, the thing may have to be burned. At times, the thing will have to be enclosed into bags so that bedbugs will not be able to transfer to other things or areas.

Because adult bed bug can last almost a year without feeding, if the infested thing is not burned, it is advised that the thing should not be exposed to or near contact to any potential host, like humans and pet animals.

The once-infested room will also have to be thoroughly cleaned to treat or get rid of eggs that may have been left by the exterminated adult bugs.

Prevention is better than cure

They say prevention is better than cure or treatment. Cleanliness and hygiene is the most basic way or measure to prevent bed bugs from accumulating.

If you are into traveling, make sure the hotel or rooms you have stayed in are bed bugs-free. Otherwise, your clothes and baggage will carry them and you will return home not alone, but with lots of unlikely transients or companies.

Regular professional check up or visits from pest control personnel is also advisable. Because these professionals know more about pest infestation than you do, you should seek their advice and help if you want to determine if your room is infested, or much more, if you want to get rid of bed bugs in your home.

Overall, to warp things up, treating bed bugs infestation begins at your self. Hygiene and education about bed bugs will be of great help. So keep on knowing and researching about bed bugs and seek professional help when you suspect infestation.

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Bed Bugs in Hotels

15 Oct

How To Deal With Bed Bugs In Hotels


Identify Bed Bugs in Hotel

The number one carrier of bed bugs in hotels is the mattress. This should not be a surprise, as bed bugs are known to lurk in the bed, hence the name “bed bug.” The growing number of complaints from travelers about bed bugs in hotels where they stayed have been steadily increasing.

Infestations of bed bugs in hotels were common in the United States before World War II. But the improvements in hygiene, and the widespread use of DDT dusting during the 1940s and ’50s, the bed bugs in hotels vanished.

The bed bugs in hotels have now returned. This is blamed on the increase in tourists and immigrants staying in their establishments and unknowingly leaves behind a souvenir. Just one female bed bug can produce five eggs a day and could leave three generations of bed bugs in hotels.

Some scientists believe that the reappearance of bed bugs in hotels is due to the cutback on the quality of pesticides. DDT was banned in the 1960’s and it was the only insecticide used which effectively killed the bed bugs in hotels.

One cause for concern regarding the bed bugs in hotels is that they just don’t flourish in cheap, musty motels. Even the expensive ones are being infested.

The bed bugs in hotels are becoming a nuisance for the management. It tarnishes their reputation and leaves a bad impression on the customer. But what’s more appalling is the way they handle bed bugs in hotels.

Instead of having to provide remedies for the patrons, the staff often just dismisses the incident. That’s the problem with bed bugs in hotels nowadays. Although they bed bugs do not only appear in hotels, the fact that the establishments do not resolve their infestation is what irks patrons.

It is their duty to provide with good service and a clean environment, free from bed bugs in hotels. Or should they really have a bad infestation, there are available pest control experts that can remedy the bed bugs in hotels situation.

As a traveler, you should take the precaution whenever going to hotels. Always bring along an anti-itch cream just in case. Before you check-in, you can ask around about how clean the hotel is.

Now should the hotel misinform you about their bed bug infestation, you can use that as grounds for making a complaint and shutting the place down.

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Bed Bug Cover

01 Oct

Preventing Bed Bugs With A Special Mattress Cover

Bed Bug Mattress Cover

If you have a plan to travel but you are worried about the bites of bed bugs in hotels or other places that you will lived in, the bed bug mattress cover may be will be a solution for you. When used correctly, this cover can prevent you from being bitten or sharing a bed with bed bugs, blood-sucking insects.

Standard mattress covers don’t entirely cover the bed, in general, which makes them less effective for bed bug problems. If they aren’t entirely preserved in, the bed bugs will simply move around the mattress cover and come at you from on top of it. But, the special type of mattress cover can maintain you safe from bites at a hotel, assuming you only stay one night.

Bed bugs have strong sharp jaws, and they are very easy to bite through the skin. Therefore, you will need a mattress cover from a very thick fabric. The fabric also needs to be tightly knit. If not both, the bedbugs will only bite through the fabric and bite you as well.

Appropriate bed bug mattress covers are specifically designed to work around both of these problems. First, they’re designed so that they totally cover the mattress, and also the box springs. They zipper shut and create a sealed environment. No place for bed bugs in bed. As a result, they will eventually kill all the bed bugs enclosed in them, resolving your bed bug problem.

Bed bugs are a problem, but you do not have to be a victim. Make sure you get the proper care and mattress covers. You will need to search specifically for bed bug mattress covers to keep the insect at a distance.

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