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Treating Bed Bugs

22 Jan

Saying Good Bye to Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are one of the most persistent parasites and pests in the planet. Because they are so tiny, and they have the weird ability to get through small cracks and crevices, it is impossible to get rid of them using physical means like scrubbing surfaces or applying insecticides.

Thus, for treating bed bugs infestation, you should not take risks. You should seek help from the professionals who know what they are doing more than you do.

Planning the attack

If you plan for treating bed bugs infestation at home, you will have to develop a strategy that has been thoroughly and carefully planned.

Before contacting the local pest control operator in your area, be prepared to be asked to discard or throw several things or equipment in the room that may be a living ground or habitat for bed bugs.

Most of the time, bed bugs living inside beds can never be treated. That is because they are so tiny and they may creep to the tiniest opening or hole in beds. Pesticides treatment may almost always be futile in assuring the 100% treatment of bed bugs. However, removal beds and other things are not that simple.

The once-infested room will also have to be thoroughly cleaned to treat or get rid of eggs that may have been left by the exterminated adult bugs.

Prevention is better than cure

They say prevention is better than cure or treatment. Cleanliness and hygiene is the most basic way or measure to prevent bed bugs from accumulating.

If you are into traveling, make sure the hotel or rooms you have stayed in are bed bugs-free. Otherwise, your clothes and baggage will carry them and you will return home not alone, but with lots of unlikely transients or companies.

Regular room check or professional visits from pest control personnel is also advisable. These professionals know more about pest infestation than you do, so you should seek their advice and help if you want to determine if your room is infested, or much more, if you want to get rid of bed bugs in your home.

Overall, to warp things up, treating bed bugs infestation begins at your self. Hygiene and education about bed bugs will be of great help. So keep on knowing and researching about bed bugs and seek professional help when you suspect infestation.*

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Bed Bug Alert

21 Jun

Bed Bug Alert: How to Protect Yourself

According to a survey conducted by the National Pest Management Association, one in five US citizens has had bed bug and majority of them are afraid of getting them in hotels. This fact is certainly alarming. Moreover, the increasing case of bed bugs in major cities as reported regularly by the mass media has created a general panic.

To reduce your worries on this bedbug, especially when you have to stay in hotels in cities affected by bedbug on the list, I’ll give you few suggestions:

1. If you have a plan to go on vacation to national parks of the west or southwest in US, you need not worry too much, because bed bugs have not been found to spread to the countryside on a large scale. Just do a routine precaution against bed bugs. However, you should be very alert when you will go to big cities, especially those located in the Midwest or Eastern Coast.

There are several cities and states are routinely included in the list of most of the case finding bed bugs, namely Chicago, Cincinnati, New York, Detroit, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Denver. Four other regions, namely Boston, Baltimore, Dallas and San Francisco, now go catch up for the first time. Other cities that became the basis of bed bugs are Dayton, Cleveland, Columbus, almost the entire state of Ohio, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Louisville, Kentucky, Houston and Las Vegas.

If you want to know the bed bugs infestation in your vacation destination, look in the bed bug registry, which makes up-to-date reports.

2. Inspect your mattress as soon as you get in your room. Don’t just take the sheets off the bed, but strip it down to the mattress. Look for the snitch black spots and dark stains around the ends of the mattress.

You are difficult to see the bugs themselves, which are a clear color and tiny. But you can see their “remnant,” a disgusting combination of their shells and bits of blood from their human dinner. Check upholstered chairs, too.  If you see anything at all, ask for another room, preferably on another floor. If you see anything suspicious in that room, try a completely different wing or, if possible, another hotel.

3. Bring plastic bags to store your clothes in. Don’t be lured to hang your clothes in hotel closets or leave them spotted over chairs, unless you’re certain the room’s bug free. Put your bag on a baggage rack and pull it out from the wall, because bed bugs can climb walls.

4. Finally, if you will travel to New York, Ohio, or anywhere else where bed bugs are known to be, you can also bring a household remedy reputed to keep them at bay. These include Vaseline, which some recommend using to coat the legs and rails of the bed so the bugs can’t climb up, and an herbal spray to repel bed bugs. But, it is no guarantees here.*

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Bed Bug Control

20 May

How to Control Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are not likely and unnecessary housemates you might have now. They can never be as unpleasant and frightening as other insects and pests like cockroaches, but they can be actually maddening.

So the basic question you will have in mind for sure is, “How are bed bugs infestation controlled?” There are a number of measures or means for bed bud control.

For a start, you may start by preventing the occurrence or existence of bed bugs in your house. If your home is still not infested, be sure to know how to avoid them.

Cleanliness is one key factor in controlling or preventing bed bugs from thriving in your house. Be sure to make your furniture, walls, and floor spic and span.

Bed bug love to thrive in beds, so, make sure your bed is fully protected. Regularly change your bed sheets and make sure the bed does not contain unnecessary holes or tears.

If your house already has bed bugs on it, a simple way to control infestation is by applying pesticides or insecticides to the infested areas.

A number of commercially available pesticides especially formulated for bed bugs control are available and accessible in the market. In using one, just be sure to carefully read all labels and instructions before use.

Pesticides, of course, are made up of harsh chemicals that can surely knock out insects like bed bugs. These chemicals are so harmful, that aside from controlling bed bugs, they can also pose health hazards or threats to you.

The best and probably the most intelligent solution to controlling bed bugs infestation is through seeking the professional help and services of experts, pest control companies.

Bed bug control is not a ‘spur of the moment’ thing. A lot and thorough planning has to be conducted beforehand. Before seeking the expert help, be prepared to discard several materials and furniture, if ever the experts will advise you to.

There are a number of pest control companies in your district. All you have to do is to pick up the phone, and wait for a few hours.

If you are living in an apartment, coordinate with your land lord or land lady. It is their responsibility to make all the necessary arrangements for pest control measures.

State and civil laws mandate them to make sure that their building is safe and pest-free. Talk to them and know the arrangements for pest control service fee payments.*

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Prevent Bed Bugs

07 Nov

How to Prevent Bed Bugs

What can you do to protect yourself and your home from bed bugs? The best thing is to be aware of them, determine where they may be, and take the necessary measures so they do not traveling with you.

Here are some tips you need to prevent bedbugs breed in your bed:

1. Check all places in your house that are warm, close contact with humans and have plenty of room to hide. This includes mattresses, carpeting, pillows and sofa beds, as well as behind chairs and dressers.

2. Treat your furniture with insecticides to get rid of any potential bed bug. Basic insecticide spray will blow away any existing light objects on the furniture, but insecticide dust will instantly get bed bugs wherever they hide at the bottom of the furniture.

3. Cover your mattress in plastic. This will prevent bed bugs from getting in or out.

4. If you have enough money, try to replace the old furniture with new furniture, it the old furniture remains a place to live for bed bugs though it was repeatedly exterminated. This will help prevent them proliferate rapidly in your home again.

5. Seal and renovate any rips on your home’s exterior to prevent bed bugs from entering. Set up or fix window screens to keep birds or rodents, who may have bugs on them, from getting in.

6. Clean your house regularly, reducing clutter and even vacuuming the mattresses. This may not fully prevent bed bugs, but it will cut their hiding spaces.

7. Check your furniture, especially mattresses that you buy second hand. Also check all luggage and clothing that you use when traveling outside North America, once you arrive at your home.

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Mattress Covers for Bed Bugs

04 Nov

Mattress Covers for Bed Bugs

Mattress Covers for Bed Bugs

There are many different materials and sizes of mattress covers for bed bugs. You have to choose the right one to make your sleep favors, undisturbed by bed bugs bites.

Bed bugs are tough tiny insects and blood suckers that has existed since biblical times. The bug has advanced from sucking the blood of bats in grottos to feeding on human blood. People often misunderstand that bed bugs bite the victims. In reality they suck blood by first injecting a numb means into a sleeping one and then a second tube used to suck the blood.

They’re difficult to kill with pesticides. They are able to leave very long time without feasting on your blood and they tend to stay the nooks and crannies where they are least likely to be seen. So, it’s no wonder people look just avoiding them rather than fighting them.

If you face a bed bug problem in your home, be proactive to prevent the bed bugs disturb your life, especially your sleep. You can look mattress covers for bed bugs that can be found for sale in stores and online. Be sure to evaluate the mattress, pillow cases, and box spring before you purchase it. Make sure that you choose the right mattress.

The main benefit of a bed bug mattress covering is that it will trap bed bugs inside the mattress and also prevent them to inhabit the bed. Bed bugs almost always live within ten to fifteen feet of their food supply.

If you attend a hotel and you’re looking to sleep and not become a midnight bite, then a mattress cover is definitely going to be a useful tool. If you bring a fresh mattress cover with you and put it on the bed, and it’s the right kind of mattress cover, then you can prevent the bites.

Preventing these little pests from infesting your home is still the best solution. Properly cleaning your house regularly will get rid of the need to use mattress covers for bed bugs.

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