Bed Bug

Bed Bugs: Your Unlikely Room Mate

Bed Bug

You should check on your room, especially your bed. You may have unwanted room mates, or worse bed mates. The unlikely being referred here is the insect commonly called bed bugs.

What are bed bugs?

Bed bug is one among the millions of species of the insect world. Scientifically, common bed bugs are known as Cimex lectularius.

Bed bugs are wingless insects. The belief that bed bugs only bite humans is wrong. Birds, dogs, cats, in short, every mammal that can come into contact with the infested bed or surroundings can be affected by bed bugs.

Bed bugs are so tiny, that one can hardly see it. The biggest bed bugs, however, during their final stage of maturity can reach about 25% of an inch long. Usually, bed bugs are oval-shaped and they appear flattened when viewed from top to bottom.

Bed bugs are usually colored deep brown or cream to white. There are also bed bugs that appear burnt orange in color.

Life span

After feeding blood, bed bugs may look like black insects or dark red. That indicates that the bed bug has already stored food inside its body. Adult bed bugs can last more than a year without sucking blood. It is different for younger or baby bed bugs. Bed bugs on the average life span, needs about three to four replenishments or feeding sessions before it lay eggs and completes its life span.

Bed bugs normally thrive in dark spots or areas in the house. Bed bugs can also live in beds, beneath them, underneath them or inside them. Bed bugs may appear smart because they know when to attack prospective hosts— when they are asleep.

When bed bugs bite, they normally do not produce stinging sensation. Sometimes, it is also hard to distinguish bed bug bites from the usual mosquito bites.

Control of bed bugs

Bed bugs are hard to control. There are a lot of pesticides that can kill the parasite, but it is advisable that you consult a pest control expert to control and exterminate bed bugs.

There a lot of harmful pesticides that can surely kill bed bugs. You may not want to exterminate yourself and your loved ones along with bed bugs, right?

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