Bed Bug Pest Control

25 Sep

Controlling Bed Bugs and Other Pests

Bed Bug pest Control

Pests have always been part of the major problems or concerns that affect the industries of agriculture and production. Through the years, mankind has developed different and potent equipment and chemicals to control pests.

Bed bugs are one among those pests that affect households. If formerly bed bugs thrive in bird’s ‘nests,’ now bed bugs also thrive in people’s ‘nests.’

It is believed that in developed countries, five out of ten apartments have bed bugs in it. In the developing countries, the figure can be worse.

Bed bugs are small insects. They are among the millions or billions of insect species.

Bed bugs are very resilient insects. It is because bed bugs, in their entire lifespan can survive by having only one meal or feeding time.

Pest research found that bed bugs’ life span is only about more than a year. But female bed bugs can lay eggs three times during that span. Each egg-laying session by the female bed bug can be equivalent to 300 eggs. The fact makes bed bugs one of the most rapidly spreading pests in the planet.

Pest control substances

In general, pest control substances or pesticides and insecticides used to control pests, including bed bugs can be categorized into three groups:

* Insect Growth Regulators. IGRs aim at affecting or hindering the development of larvae or eggs of bed bugs and pests. Though these insecticides not effectively exterminate adult pests, they work to impair reproduction. So, IGRs are an effective way to control pests.

* Contact pesticides. It kills pests instantly, within seconds, or minutes, or instantly, the target pests or insects will be exterminated. But among the pest control substance groups, they are the least effective It is because contact insecticides have that repellant property that insects and pests can easily identify.

* Insecticidal dusts. They are also fast, but not as fast at contact insecticides in controlling pests. Insecticidal dusts work by attacking the protective layer covering the pests’ skin. The group is the most harsh and sure way of controlling pests.

Pest control is not an easy task but it is an activity you must do, anyways. Just be good and do your homework before starting the mission.

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    • Nhynha

      October 20, 2012 at 12:59 pm

      we should taoerlte bed bugs and not use pesticides, but respected scientists and aothers say that we should not return to pesticides that pose risk to people and especially to children. So we get rid of the bed bugs, but we make children suffer for that. I am presenting a well argued perspective here and i shoiuld have the privilege of calling nonsense as it is .. nonsense.. Perhaps i am wasting my time .. but i thought that this was a place to present best practices. We have people ;like Rich arguing against IPM .. |I never viewed IPM as a pollitical thing bvecause what it is was always very clear to me and i have pracdticed it for nearly 30 years with great satisfaction at every success and every time it meant less pesticides. but hwne i hear people politicizing IPM and making it seem as if it is an anti-pesticide ideology.. it frustrates me to no end. IPM is not anti-pesticide. it is based on common sense and on best use of pesticides when needed if that doesn’t make sense, well, perhaps I have to leave this excellent blog and stop comments altogether. there is so much here that is part of what IPM is really about and in that it shares the logic and common sense of the IPM concept.. But now and then we get this kind of ridiculous stance and i think it deserves response.. Debate is part of democracy and comments about opposing positions when based on well grounded facts can be framed in sarcasm and humour and example. And when there is stupidity, well, it needs to be identified for what it is tune in on your own congresional or senatorial debates or British or Canadian parliamentary question periods I take my lumps when i am wrong if you wnat to make NYvsBedBugs, IPM clean that is your choice Renee.. I ike your site, but i don’t need to hear this kind of stuff wihtout responding, so i can just not hear it at all if that’s what it takes. I think it diminshes your site if it is unanswered.

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