Bed Bug Alert

Bed Bug Alert: How to Protect Yourself

According to a survey conducted by the National Pest Management Association, one in five US citizens has had bed bug and majority of them are afraid of getting them in hotels. This fact is certainly alarming. Moreover, the increasing case of bed bugs in major cities as reported regularly by the mass media has created a general panic.

To reduce your worries on this bedbug, especially when you have to stay in hotels in cities affected by bedbug on the list, I’ll give you few suggestions:

1. If you have a plan to go on vacation to national parks of the west or southwest in US, you need not worry too much, because bed bugs have not been found to spread to the countryside on a large scale. Just do a routine precaution against bed bugs. However, you should be very alert when you will go to big cities, especially those located in the Midwest or Eastern Coast.

There are several cities and states are routinely included in the list of most of the case finding bed bugs, namely Chicago, Cincinnati, New York, Detroit, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Denver. Four other regions, namely Boston, Baltimore, Dallas and San Francisco, now go catch up for the first time. Other cities that became the basis of bed bugs are Dayton, Cleveland, Columbus, almost the entire state of Ohio, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Louisville, Kentucky, Houston and Las Vegas.

If you want to know the bed bugs infestation in your vacation destination, look in the bed bug registry, which makes up-to-date reports.

2. Inspect your mattress as soon as you get in your room. Don’t just take the sheets off the bed, but strip it down to the mattress. Look for the snitch black spots and dark stains around the ends of the mattress.

You are difficult to see the bugs themselves, which are a clear color and tiny. But you can see their “remnant,” a disgusting combination of their shells and bits of blood from their human dinner. Check upholstered chairs, too.  If you see anything at all, ask for another room, preferably on another floor. If you see anything suspicious in that room, try a completely different wing or, if possible, another hotel.

3. Bring plastic bags to store your clothes in. Don’t be lured to hang your clothes in hotel closets or leave them spotted over chairs, unless you’re certain the room’s bug free. Put your bag on a baggage rack and pull it out from the wall, because bed bugs can climb walls.

4. Finally, if you will travel to New York, Ohio, or anywhere else where bed bugs are known to be, you can also bring a household remedy reputed to keep them at bay. These include Vaseline, which some recommend using to coat the legs and rails of the bed so the bugs can’t climb up, and an herbal spray to repel bed bugs. But, it is no guarantees here.*

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